Mission and Vision

The fundamental reason for the existence of the Faculty is expressed in these documents, which are aimed at ensuring a high standard of excellence in the field of nursing education, biomedical science research and the achievement of first-rate standards in treatment and health care. The mission of the Faculty of Health Studies is to encourage the development, dissemination and use of knowledge in the field of health care at the local and regional level, with the recognition that will be attractive for domestic and foreign students, as well as the highest educational standards that will enable students to work in an international environment.

The vision of the Faculty is to become one of the leading institutions in the region, included in the European Higher Education Area. Over the next five years, the Faculty wants to achieve: the promotion of excellence in medical and nursing education, research and health care, education based on scientific, ethical and humanistic principles, improvement of the ability to practice health care, disease prevention and intervention implementation, education based on the three-cycle of Bologna, understanding and implementation of scientific methods, with the possibility of scientific research, implementation of lifelong learning and distance learning, subspecialist education in accordance with regional needs, in consultation with ministries of education.

Strategic goals

- Continuous harmonization of the curriculum in regard to other European universities.

- Application of teaching adjusted for students, as well as placing the students at the core of the teaching process including lifelong teaching, the use of contemporary teaching methods and mentoring.

- Reach highest education standards that will enable our graduates for work in international frameworks.

- Promote student creativity by combining different learning methods.

- Promote evidence-based science.

- Develop core competences in all disciplines.

- Establish academic standards based on quality assurance mechanisms.

- Create a network of partner institutions through scientific cooperation with regional and European universities, as well as membership in European and international university associations.

- Produce a generation of young educators and involve them in the educational process.

- Participate in European projects that can finance postgraduate studies