Faculty of Health Studies Alumni

The purpose of the Alumni club is to connect generations of graduates with the aim of achieving their permanent cooperation, lifelong education and mutual interest.

Guided by principles of lifelong education, our desire is the connection, education and socialization of all generations of graduate students at the Faculty of Health Studies, both as a participant and an organizer of activities.

All students who have completed the first/undergraduate or second/graduate cycle of education at the Faculty of Health Studies can become members of the Alumni club.

Alumni is a popular name (Latin origin - guardianship, resident) for former students of a higher education institution. Alumni (lat. Plural of alumnus) means a former member of an institution, most often a university (Alma Mater) who remains in connection with the same. Alumni are very common around the world and at some universities they have a centuries-old tradition.

Goals of the Faculty of Health Studies Alumni:


We invite all those who are interested to join our club and become part of it, to share their ideas, advice and activity or in any other way participate in the creation and direction of work and implementation of activities.