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Undergraduate university study/Enrollment exam and conditions

Conditions of enrollment and optimal number of students

Undergraduate studies:

Finished four years of high school.

The enrollment is carried out based on the public competition and finished enrollment exam.

The council of the Faculty of Health Studies in Mostar establishes the optimal number of freshmen.

The enrollment exam is carried out by the Committee for enrollment in the first year.


The enrollment exam is based on:

Evaluation of general success in high school and the enrollment exam (knowledge testing).


The subjects which are included in the enrollment exam are:

Undergraduate university study of nursing and midwifery:

Anatomy, Physiology and Patient care

Undergraduate university study of physiotherapy and radiological technology:

Anatomy, Physiology and Physics

Undergraduate university study of sanitary engineering:

Physics, Biology and Chemistry


Based on the results of the enrollment exam, the Committee for enrollment forms a ranking list for each study and determines the candidates, who have, according to the competition, earned the rights for enrollment in the Faculty of Health Studies. Candidates who are enrolling in the Faculty of Health Studies, but who haven't learned Latin language for at least two years during their former education, are obliged to pass the Latin test by the end of the first semester.

Enrollment of first year students in the academic year of 2019/2020:

Undergraduate university study


Regular with payment










Radiological technology




Sanitary engineering









Regular – regular students for whom the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport provides payments.

Regular with payment – Regular self-financing students.

Part-time – Part-time student

*-foreign citizens

The application time for the  enrollment exam is from  to , from 9 AM – 12 PM..

The candidates apply for the enrollment exam at the Student Administration with the following documents:

-Birth certificate (not older than 6 months)

-Graduation certificate

-Certificates from all four high school year (the certificates must be original or, if the candidate has applied at another faculty with the original documents, he/she must provide certified copies with a confirmation of the faculty in which the original certificates are held). Candidates who have foreign certificates must provide written validation for their certificates from the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (street adress – Stjepana Radica 3/III) if they want to continue studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-Original medical certificate on psychophysical capabilities.

-Residing certificate

-Payment of 50 convertible marks for enrollment exam expenses (bank account 3381302271325623 UniCredit Bank)

-A filled-out form from the Faculty

Note: Incomplete applications and applications sent via post will not be handled.


The July enrollment exams will be held on:








Radiological Technology




Sanitary Engineering



Enrollment into faculty

Students who earn the rights to enroll on the July enrollment exam need to do so from  to   to  from 8:30 to 12:30, otherwise they will not be able to enroll. (If this is the case, it is believed that the students enrolled into another faculty, and therefore their spot is considered available.)

During enrollment, students need to bring the following:

-Index and the enrollment material (can be bought at Ziral library which is located inside the campus)

-Two photos (format 4x6)

-Original documents (certificates, residing certificate, birth certificate, medical certificate).

--Enrollment expenses payment 


All foreign students are required to regulate their status in accordance with regulations of the Service for Foreigner's Affairs, T.C. Mostar Kneza Višeslava bb, Mostar (T.C. Orca)


Guide for future students academic year 2020/2021