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Dear Readers,

The journal Health Bulletin has emerged as a need and desire for publishing, which is of the utmost importance and significance for the strengthening of the health profession and raising the level of knowledge and science at the Faculty of Health Studies. Our teachers and students have shown that they know how to explore and write on a scientific basis, and this is an opportunity for them, and for others to publish in our journal. We decided for the journal to be in electronic form because we are sure that it will have more readers and that its scope will be much wider. The journal is intended for medical professionals and for other related disciplines which the medical profession complements and cooperates with.

We plan to publish two issues annually. The articles are published in Croatian with the addition of a summary in English, or in English with the addition of a summary in Croatian.

All accepted and published papers will be available to the scientific, professional and research community in electronic form via the website of the Faculty of Health Studies.

We hope that our readers will get useful information and gain new knowledge by reading the Health Bulletin. All suggestions, remarks and comments will be acknowledge and considered in good faith in order to create better future issues. 


ISSN 2303-8616